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For over 12 years, UAI has united hundreds of utilities to enable their transformation through analytics, which is our primary mission. After receiving overwhelming requests from these utilities for the addition of educational courses and professional development opportunities, UAI identified training as a primary component of our mission, adding to our portfolio of offerings alongside membership, events, and research. With the addition of a training program, UAI is now helping our customers upskill and re-skill their staff in key areas and address some of their biggest challenges, like bringing their workforce up to speed in analytics and utilities, skills creation and development, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and retention.

Why Utilities Love UAI Training

1 CEUs
2 Soft Skills Development
3 Technical Skills
4 Instructors
5 Content
6 Engagement & Retention
7 Expertise
8 Results-Oriented

Continuing Education Units

You will receive a Certificate of Participation and Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the University of Oklahoma after completing the Utility Analytics 101, 201, and 202 courses. No CEUs are offered for one-day courses. CEUs are awarded to training participants at a rate of one (1.0) CEU for every ten (10) contact hours of training
Continuing Education Units
Soft Skills Development

Soft Skills Development

Gain problem-solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills through an interactive environment. Structured discussions help facilitate student networking and the ability to learn real-world experiences from others taking the course.
Soft Skills Development
Technical Skills

Technical Skills Development

Utility Analytics training is focused on the right technical skills to help you become a better utility analytics analyst, data scientist, citizen data scientist, manager, director, or executive. Check out all of the UAI courses, which are listed below, to learn more about each training and what technical skills you will develop during these courses.


The Best Instructors

UAI has partnered with the University of Oklahoma Data Science and Analytics Institute, as well as independent industry experts and educators to develop and deliver training through the best instructors in the data and analytics fields. Our instructors are well known for their credentials, experience and their ability to deliver a quality course experience.

Highly Engaging Content

Get access to content that is engaging and applicable to helping you become better at what you do within utility analytics.

Our training partners have developed and deliver data science and analytics content during our courses. Check out all of the UAI courses to learn more about each training and the content taught during each course.

Engagement & Retention

Engagement & Retention

Companies with a strong culture have more engaged employees. The more engaged your workforce is, the better the bottom line as employees become more productive, make better decisions, and have better retention rates.

Build a better culture and employee engagement and retention by offering the opportunity to develop their skills through Utility Analytics training.



UAI is at the nexus of utility and analytics, and by partnering with credible, third parties, like independent consultants and industry educators, as well as universities, to develop and deliver training, we are able to create courses on analytics topics in the utilities sector and classes that work for you and your organization, driving valuable learnings on both utilities and analytics, and helping you climb up the utility analytics maturity curve.

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UAI set the standard for effective utility analytics training. We utilize a results-first approach to all course content, featuring highly interactive, real-world elements proven to drive value.

UAI Training Courses

Utility Analytics 101

Utility Analytics 101 is creating better citizen data scientists. This training is an introduction to utility analytics. You will learn about utility analytics terms and relationships, and about the world of data, including big data, databases, data structures, and data types. You will benefit from learning about utility analytics uses cases in various focus areas like asset health analytics, customer analytics, grid analytics, and safety analytics. You will explore data analysis and data prep with SQL. There is an introduction to and demonstrations of the fundamental concepts and best practices of data visualizations and you will learn how best to communicate results from your data analysis. Lastly, you will get time for application work and you will put it all together with Python.

Utility Analytics 201: Applied Machine Learning for Utility Professionals

This training introduces ML, including the concepts of exploratory data analysis, supervised learning (classification and regression), and unsupervised learning (dimensionality reduction and clustering). Participants will apply concepts through guided, hands-on activities.

Utility Analytics 202: Introduction to Forecasting in the Utilities

Continued population growth, socioeconomic improvements, and technological advancements in the past few decades have caused a significant rise in the consumption of energy and materials. Many utilities find themselves concerned — the volatility of wind and solar power generation, the uncertainty of rooftop solar adoption, and rising gas and electricity prices all pose serious challenges. The modern consumer centric paradigm of transactive energy has changed the traditional load forecasting methodologies, as it evolves and reshapes utility strategies. This training intends to provide a comprehensive introduction to forecasting methods and to present enough information about each method for participants to be able to use them sensibly. Examples and applications from the utility industry, including forecasting with AMI data, are included.

Utility Analytics 301: Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for Power Systems & Smart Grid

The course provides background information, real-world development experience, and in-depth discussions of big data analytics and machine learning in power systems and smart grid. The value, velocity, volume, and variety of big data in smart grid will be discussed. The basics of machine learning algorithms such as unsupervised learning, supervised learning, reinforcement learning algorithms, graphical learning, and generative models will be covered and taught. Important real-world applications of big data analytics and machine learning in transmission system, distribution system, and electricity market will be presented and discussed.

Modernizing Data Governance for Utility Companies

The world of data management continues to change, but data governance doesn’t always keep pace. New governance practices and organizations are needed to be compatible with agile, big data, cloud, and self-service to support the changing business dynamics. Building beyond enforcement to prevention, controls to services and committees to communities are at the core of data governance evolution.

Data Quality in Utilities: Concepts and Best Practices

Data quality is a large and complex field with many dimensions. Every data quality practitioner needs a foundation of concepts, principles, and terminology that are common in quality management. Building upon that foundation, they need to understand how quality management concepts and principles are applied to data, as well as the language and terminology that specifically apply to data quality. The importance of data quality in the Utility industry is rapidly growing as new use cases for analytics are identified and pursued.

Finding Meaning in Utilities Data: Visualization and Storytelling

Analytics effectiveness and impact depends on visualization skills of two kinds – ability to create visuals and ability to understand visuals. The real value of visualization does not come from creating visuals, but from understanding what they tell you. With the language of words, we learn reading and writing as separate but related skills. Similarly, with visual language we need to learn understanding (reading) and creating (writing) as distinct but related skills. Data analysts at the top of their game go beyond creating data visualizations. They add narratives to interpret the visuals and to explain insights and recommendations. In short, they tell data stories.

Root Cause Analysis in Utilities: The Art and Science of Knowing Why

Understanding why things happen is a fundamental management skill. For anyone who is challenged to manage data quality, business processes, or people and organizations, finding root causes is an essential skill. Understanding why is the key to knowing what to do – the core of sound decision making. But cause-and-effect relationships are elusive. Real causes are often difficult to find so we settle for easy answers. This leads to fixing symptoms rather than to solving problems, and to little or no gain where opportunity is abundant. Root cause analysis is the alternative to easy answers. Looking beyond the apparent and obvious to find real causes brings insight and sows the seeds of foresight.

Learning Formats

UAI’s core focus is assisting our customers with meeting their business goals and determining how to best add value to their stakeholders.

UAI offers several training delivery options that help professionals improve skills from traditional public instructor-led classroom, which provides group learning experiences in-person, to fully immersive training at home or in the office via our virtual classroom offering, which is also live and instructor-led. UAI even provides private group training, so we can train your entire team at one time on dates that work for you and your team, and in a location that is convenient for you (virtual or onsite at your facility). Our goal is to make our utility analytics courses convenient and easily accessible. Coming soon… On-Demand, Self-Paced delivery options!

Public Classroom

UAI offers our most popular courses in-person throughout North America in major metropolitan areas and co-located with UAI events.

  • Network with your peers from other utilities.
  • Maintain coverage in your organization by staggering training dates for individuals on your team.
  • Stay focused on learning by being out of the office.
  • Experience structured discussions, networking, and learning.

Virtual Classroom

A convenient yet undiminished learning experience without the hassle of travel. Experience live, interactive, instructor-led online training with UAI virtual events.

  • Take advantage of the convenience of online learning.
  • Remain motivated by a dedicated time and structure for learning.
  • Grow your personal network and learn from fellow students.

Private Group Training

Experience a private group setting at your facility or via our live virtual training platform. Contact us to coordinate a proposal for your team’s private group training.

  • Total flexibility. Choose training dates that accommodate your schedule.
  • Real-life application. Focus on your key issues and pain points.
  • Boost morale. Investing in training is proven to keep teams engaged.
  • Save money. Train your entire team with our volume discounts.

Online Training COMING SOON!

Coming soon to UAI training is an on-demand option. Log in within a 12-week period from registration to complete training in a self-paced environment.

  • Learn virtually anytime, anyplace, and at any pace.
  • Achieve cost-effective employee education—particularly for companies with remote employees or multiple office locations.
  • Ramp up employees quickly. Courses can be activated within 24 hours.
  • Easily fit this independent learning experience into your schedule.

Custom Private Group Training

Tailored one-day courses to address your utility company's specific challenges and goals, available on-site or virtually for groups of ten or more staff members.

  • Tailored content to meet your unique needs
  • Flexible delivery options

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