Root Cause Analysis in Utilities:
The Art and Science of Knowing Why

Root Cause Analysis in Utilities: The Art and Science of
Knowing Why

The Utility Industry is facing new regulations, changes in public perception and emerging market opportunities.  Drivers of change include aging infrastructure, opportunities for decarbonization, the need for sustainability, cyber-security and moving towards green energy. Long term solutions to challenging problems requires that managers understand the root causes that can be addressed with effective plans and actions.

Understanding why things happen is a fundamental management skill. For anyone who is challenged to manage data quality, business processes, or people and organizations, finding root causes is an essential skill. Understanding why is the key to knowing what to do – the core of sound decision making. But cause-and-effect relationships are elusive. Real causes are often difficult to find so we settle for easy answers. This leads to fixing symptoms rather than to solving problems, and to little or no gain where opportunity is abundant.

Root cause analysis is the alternative to easy answers. Looking beyond the apparent and obvious to find real causes brings insight and sows the seeds of foresight. Through this course you will discover the art and science of knowing why. Learn to apply linear thinking, lateral thinking, systems thinking, and critical thinking – independently and in combination – to get to the core of even the most vexing problems.

Root Cause Analysis in Utilities:
The Art and Science of Knowing Why

Course Outline

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What You'll Learn

  • Recognize and avoid logical fallacies
  • Identify and distinguish between correlation, coincidence, and cause
  • Perform fast and light causal analysis using the “5 whys” technique
  • Explore linear cause-and-effect chains with fishbone diagramming
  • Describe complex cause-effect networks with causal loop models
  • Challenge and refine linear and loop models with lateral and critical thinking techniques
  • Apply root cause analysis to effectively manage quality, processes, and organizations

Who Should Attend?

  • Business managers, decision makers, analysts and other analytics consumers seeking to understand how to improve process performance
  • Operational excellence and digital transformation professionals working to reduce waste, improve performance and implement sustainable solutions
  • Everyone who needs to improve their understanding of what forces are driving the results being measured in displayed in dashboards and scorecards
  • Everyone who uses data to develop strategies and implement business improvement solutions


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