UAI is at the nexus of utility and analytics, and by partnering with credible, third parties, like independent consultants and industry educators, as well as universities, to develop and deliver training, we are able to create courses on analytics topics in the utilities sector and classes that work for you and your organization, driving valuable learnings on both utilities and analytics, and helping you climb up the utility analytics maturity curve.

UAI is proudly partnering with the following organizations, industry consultants and educators, and research analysts.

The University of Oklahoma Data Science and Analytics Institute (OU DSAI) develops and delivers UAI’s 100- and 200-level continuing education courses. OU DSAI’s key objective is to provide world-class credit, degree-based, and non-degree learning and development offerings.

Dave Wells and Mark Peco have collaborated to develop and deliver UAI’s one-day courses.

Dave Wells is an advisory consultant, educator, and industry analyst dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to business value. He works at the intersection of information management and business management, driving business impact through analytics, business intelligence, and active data management. More than forty years of information systems experience combined with over ten years of business management give him a unique perspective about the connections among business, information, data, and technology.

Knowledge sharing and skills building are Dave’s passions, carried out through consulting, speaking, teaching, and writing. He is a continuous learner – fascinated with understanding how we think – and a student and practitioner of systems thinking, critical thinking, design thinking, divergent thinking, and innovation.

Dave fills many roles in pursuit of his knowledge sharing and skills building goals, including instructor and Education Director for eLearningCurve, Research Consultant at Eckerson Group, and faculty member at TDWI.

Dave Wells
Advisory Consultant, Educator & Industry Analyst

Mark Peco is an experienced consultant, educator, practitioner, and manager in the fields of Business Intelligence and Process Improvement. He provides vision and leadership to projects operating and creating solutions at the intersection of Business and Technology. Mark is actively involved with clients working in the areas of Strategy Development, Process Improvement, Data Management and Business Intelligence. He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in engineering from the University of Waterloo and has led numerous consulting and integration projects helping clients adapt to fundamental shifts in business models and requirements.

His experience includes real time process monitoring and control, operations planning and scheduling, control center management, plant performance optimization, business transaction control, simulation, and analytics. He has worked in the fields of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence since the mid 1990’s complementing his earlier experience gained in as an engineer working in operations management during the 1980’s.

Mark has integrated his communications skills with his domain expertise to create educational content and deliver courses and workshops for BI and DW Professionals on a global basis for more than a dozen years. He enjoys helping professionals with diverse backgrounds develop common perspectives and share new levels of understanding about complex concepts and subjects.

Mark has worked extensively in the energy sector and understands the business context, operations challenges, and business intelligence opportunities available to help management solve difficult issues and improve operating results.

Mark Peco
Consultant, Educator, Practitioner & Manager