Introducing UAI’s First Training Course: Utility Analytics 101

UAI has partnered with the University of Oklahoma Data Science and Analytics Institute (OU DSAI) to develop and deliver Utility Analytics 101 training. 

Utility Analytics 101 is delivered via public classroom, virtual classroom, and private group training throughout the year. All delivery formats consist of a lecture component and practical utility analytics application. 

Each Utility Analytics 101 training provides a Certificate of Participation and Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the University of Oklahoma. CEUs are awarded to training participants at a rate of one (1.0) CEU for every ten (10) contact hours of training. The Utility Analytics 101 public classroom course include 18 hours of training (1.8 CEUs) and the virtual classroom course includes 12 hours of training (1.2 CEUs).

Utility Analytics 101: Creating Citizen Data Scientists!

What You'll Learn

  • Terms and relationships; analytics levels; analytics value curve
  • The world of data: What is data?, What is big data?, databases, data structure, data types
  • Data and analytics terms and relationships; analytics levels; maturity index; process model (CRISP-DM)
  • Utility analytics use cases: asset health analytics, customer analytics, grid analytics, safety analytics;
  • Data understanding: big data, data sources, and data types; exploratory data analysis and data prep with SQL: relevant stats concepts, SQL overview, hands-on demonstrations
  • Data visualization: fundamental concepts, best practices, hands-on demonstrations
  • Communicating results: clarifying context, identifying audience, big idea, storyboarding, telling a story
  • Application and putting it all together with Python: Jupyter Notesbooks overview, EDA with Python, Understanding context exercise, data visualization for communication

Who Should Attend?

  • Data analysts, analytics professionals new to utilities
  • Utility professionals new to the data analytics field
  • Entry-level utility analytics professionals
  • Analysts
  • Business Practitioners: Managers, Lead, Supervisors, Coordinators
  • Operations Managers, Leads, Supervisors, Coordinators
  • Engineers
  • Project and Program Managers, Leads, Supervisors, Coordinators
  • Data Scientists – entry level, new to utilities
  • The course is available to both UAI members and non-members

Why Attend?

UAI built this course with guidance from data science and analytics experts that are members of our Strategic Advisory Board and Executive Advisory Council. We've partnered with The University of Oklahoma Data Science and Analytics Institute (OU DSAI) to develop and deliver a training that delivers solid ROI and will help attendees stay ahead of the game.

Attendees will earn a Certificate of Participation and Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon completion of the course.

Utility Analytics 101

DAY 1:

Data & Analytics Overview; Business Understanding

DAY 2:

Data Understanding

DAY 3:

Communicating Results; Application: Putting it all together with Python