Full Name
Charles Nicholson
Job Title
Associate Professor
School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
Speaker Bio
Professor Charles D. Nicholson is an Associate Professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Gallogly College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma. His research focuses on operations research/management, science mathematical programming, metaheuristic and evolutionary search, network flows, and applications of data mining. received his doctorate in Operations Research from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX specializing in optimization of network flow problems. He also holds a Master of Science in Decision Technology and undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Physics from the University of North Texas. He joined the faculty of the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in 2013 where his research and teaching emphasis is in the field of Analytics. Prior to accepting the faculty appointment, Dr. Nicholson was the director of analytics for a multi-billion dollar company and later, the founder of his own analytics consulting company. His professional background includes 10 years of experience working as a leader in predictive analytics. He has real-world experience working with large, complex data and collaborating with cross-functional teams to discover and deploy strategic, data-driven insights. His portfolio of projects includes data-mining and predictive modeling, simulation and optimization, and business intelligence with applications in marketing, finance, Geographic Information Systems, product allocation, and operations. Currently, Dr. Nicholson’s research focus is in the development and application of statistical and machine learning algorithms that improve the speed, efficiency, and quality of insight from analytics on large data systems.
Charles Nicholson